garden of the gods family photos
February 22, 2017

Family at Garden of the Gods || Osburn Family


Friends, can I tell you a secret? I love to blog. Is that weird? I just really love to share my beautiful families and children and brides and grooms with you. And every fall, I get stuck. Because I want to share them with you RIGHT AWAY…but I also don’t want to give away any Christmas Card surprises. So I sit on all of my fall shoots and try to roll them out right after Christmas. And today, I’m excited to finally, finally share the Osburn family with you!

The Osburns chose a beautiful little tucked away spot behind Garden of the Gods for family photos. The weather was perfect, the location breathtaking. But, the very best part was that their grandparents came along.

My own grandparents were – and are – one of the greatest blessings of my whole life. And when I see children who are loved and adored, cared for and taught by their own grandparents, it makes my heart so happy. I love that Harper, and Phin and Evangeline have such a wonderful relationship with their GiGi and Papi. And I love that it was that very same GiGi and Papi who scheduled the shoot so that they could have these moments captures.

I hope these sweet kids grow to know and understand how lucky they are to have this blessing of grandparents – and I hope that these moments are treasured by them for years to come.
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