January 4, 2011

Be still my heart

For 19.5 months we been riding the adoption roller coaster. We get high, high, high, and then plummet to the depths with our hearts in our throats. The whole ride is thrilling and terrifying and we can’t wait to get off.
It seems like each day, we hear the dreadful clink-clink-clink of the old rusty chain pulling us toward the next adventure, the whole time trying our best to predict whether it will be a happy high with great views of the landscape, or a frightening drop causing us to close our eyes and hang on tight.
I’m not trying to be dramatic.

Last week was a down week.

Lots of uncertainty. Lots of getting tired of waiting. Lots of analyzing the “what ifs” of adoption.
But then today. Oh. This. Day. This day is an “up” day.
Today, we learned that we will meet our boy on March 7th and that on March 9th we will stand before an Ethiopian judge and say, “Yes! Yes! We want to adopt this baby!”
Now, if you see me in public, I’ll be cool as a cucumber on the outside. But inside? Well, inside I’m hyperventilating. I simply cannot catch my mental breath today. And the very sight of the airline itinerary in my inbox makes me want to toss my cookies.
This day just kept getting better.
Plane tickets are $2,000 LESS than we estimated.
AND, we got a new picture of our sweet boy – (get this) – playing the air guitar. No joke. If you could see it you would totally agree that he is rocking out.
So we move forward – enthusiastically with caution – and enter the “travel-planning” phase. Oh my, it feels so good.

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