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August 14, 2017

The Bishop Family || Colorado Springs Family Photos


Fall in Colorado Springs. It’s glorious, right? More warmth. More color. Less rain. And glorious light.

(Okay, maybe that last one is just a “thing” for us photographers)

In any case, it’s just about the perfect time for family photos – as evidenced here by the Bishop family. We did indeed have a perfect fall evening last October for these photos. But what I love most about the Bishop’s photos is the way that they allowed their kids to explore and adventure throughout our time together. There was no yelling or stress and very little posing. But there was lots of stick-finding, jumping, climbing, leaf-rolling, and general curiosity to capture.


And in-between, when Sosie & Sullivan were ready to check back in with mom & dad, we got some great shots too!
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If you’re dreaming of Fall colors and adventurous kiddos for your family photos this year, contact me today! I’m now booking for late September and October – and spots fill up fast. I’ll help you pick out the perfect spot for your session and even give you a few pointers to help you prepare your kids to have a great time.

From one mama to another – I promise you you’ll never regret having your family captured at this stage, whatever that stage might be.

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