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Mr & Mrs Engdahl’s Third Anniversary
This is the third year that I've been honored to shoot Mike & Meghan's anniversary photos. I've always enjoyed working with them, but this year was extra wonderful because they have a new - and very smiley - addition to their family! Little Gabriel is a DELIGHT and I can't wait to watch him grow from year to year! 
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The Steiger Family || Family Photos at Bear Creek Park
The Stiger Family's photos feel like an absolute dream to me! Due to some chilly weather, we had to reschedule their session once. And boy am I glad we did! They chose to do their family photos at Bear Creek Park and, had we stuck with our original plan, we would have been photographing under grey skies in a brown field. But a week ...
Colorado Springs Anniversary Photography [The Cutter Family]
Today I'm excited to share with you one of my very favorite sessions from 2013. Yes, I said 2013. I tell you what, this family was DELIGHTFUL and heaven only knows why it's taken me so long to blog these photos. I blame the weather. Al and Janice celebrated some big birthdays last fall as well as a big wedding anniversary. The r ...
Puttin’ the “Good” in Good Photo [The Carew & Neely Families]
A couple of months ago, I told you a little bit about why I named my business the way I did. I'm here today with a little sequel to that post - one more reason why I chose to go with the name "Good Photo" instead of something more simple or catchy. It all really starts with a story about me and my family. My little family sta ...
Summer Mini Sessions
I'm happy to announce that Good Photo will be offering more mini-sessions this year than ever before…and for a good reason, too!  Time slots are already filling up! Book your family’s session today! 1)    Email me at Becky (at) good-photo (dot) org with your first and second time-slot preference 2)    Receive an email confirming ...
Dorothy Hazel [Just Brand New]
When Holly and Dave invited me to photograph the birth of their third baby, I was beyond thrilled. I can think of few other times more intense and intimate than the day a family grows by one. I was more than honored and excited to be a part of this occasion. BUT, when Holly texted me to say that she was in labor, I inconvenientl ...
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Family Photos || What Do I Wear?
You searched the calendar and found a free evening. You hired the photographer. Your family is on board and a little bit excited. It's family photo time! And now you're panicking. It's just hit you that in two weeks you AND your children AND your husband must all be bathed, combed, ironed, and dressed in some kind of attracti ...
The Meyer Family
On a visit to Colorado Springs last fall, the Meyer Family took a little time to have family photos taken. I was so thrilled to see them - not only because they are a part of my husband's family, but because I've been dying to get my camera on these cute little blondies for quite some time. I just love the location that Jay and She ...
[How to have Happy Kids for] Family Photos
Let's set the scene; it's family photo day. Mom's excited - she's been prepared for weeks. Dad's cooperative and to show his enthusiasm, he trimmed up his beard this morning. And the kids? Well, the kids are completely confused and just as unpredictable as ever. Oh, and the baby has a cold. And the two-year-old won't eat a ...
The Aragon Family [Trees Bare, Don’t Care]
I happy to introduce you to the Aragon Family today. Eric has been serving our country in the Navy for the past couple of years. Recently, he was sent into a training that kept him and Tonya apart for 6 months. I was so excited when I heard from Tonya that he was all done and that they were ALL now back together as a family! In fac ...

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