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En Route to Ethiopia. First stop; Copper Mountain.
All summer, we've been looking forward to spending a weekend in the mountains with my family. In fact, we've been looking forward to THIS very weekend. So, even though we leave for Ethiopia on Sunday, we are leaving tonight to head for the hills. We will have plenty of time to relax - much needed after this week of packing and clea ...
What’s This?
Well, well. What's this? Oh that? That's nothing. That's just me PACKING A SUITCASE FOR MY SON because we leave in one week to bring his sweet cheeks home. Holy. Smokes. And what's this? This is my birthday gift from my husband. He said it's for me to take on the plane. However, after a week of packing and getting ready to go, I' ...
This IS an Update
We got news on Friday morning that our file was indeed submitted to the US Embassy last Thursday. Glory Hallelujah, we moved forward another step. It's just a small step, but we'll take it. We now wait for the Embassy officials to review our file which will produce one of two results. Either they will clear us to travel after one r ...
This is not an update
This is not an update because, well, there's nothing to update you on. When we passed court on June 3rd, we were sure that we would bring our boy home by the end of July. Silly me - I was even so bold as to post the following timeline right out there in black and white. #1 Briggs is issued a new birth certificate and passport (2-4 ...
Little Party People
Yesterday was the first day that our file could possibly be submitted to the US Embassy for review. But it didn't happen and I was bummed. Thank goodness for these girls. They were the perfect distraction - and so much fun! Nothing will keep you busy like a seven-year-old sleep-over. We started our slumber party by selecting cereal ...
Officially Official
Of all the good-news-calls I've received over the last two years, this morning's was by-far the best. While we slept last night, our file was completed, our case was approved, and our boy officially, officially, officially became our son. Today we are proud to introduce the amazingBriggs Sofinias KyleWhat's next, you ask. Well just ...
Getting Exactly What I Don’t Want
When we began considering adoption , I asked myself; "What's the worst that could happen?" It didn't take long for me to decide that the worst situation I could imagine - the worst case scenario for me - would be a long wait between seeing my boy's face and bringing him home. I just knew I would not be able to stand watching my ba ...
We've been at this adoption thing for two years. TWO. Sheesh. It's been challenging for sure. And I wouldn't trade a day of it. As we sprint (or crawl) down the home stretch, we can't help but marvel at all that God has provided for us. And for Briggs. Someday, I'm just gonna list it out for all to see. Really, it's so incredible. ...
Hardworking {Favorites: Part 4 of 4}
Everyday in Ethiopia I was floored by how hardworking the people were. There was an urgency in their work - they moved quickly, bent under heavy loads or hustling a food order back to the kitchen. They concentrated to get their English right when telling us about their restaurant and patiently tended beautifully displayed fruits an ...
Perseverance and a Swear Word
A few years ago, I trained for and ran a half-marathon. Now I know, that for a lot of people, a race consisting of 13.1 miles is small beans. But for me, this was a HUGE deal. HUGE, I tell you. I remember that on race day, I was really enjoying myself, right up until about the 10th mile. As I rounded the corner at the 10-mile marke ...

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