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We've been at this adoption thing for two years. TWO. Sheesh. It's been challenging for sure. And I wouldn't trade a day of it. As we sprint (or crawl) down the home stretch, we can't help but marvel at all that God has provided for us. And for Briggs. Someday, I'm just gonna list it out for all to see. Really, it's so incredible. ...
Hardworking {Favorites: Part 4 of 4}
Everyday in Ethiopia I was floored by how hardworking the people were. There was an urgency in their work - they moved quickly, bent under heavy loads or hustling a food order back to the kitchen. They concentrated to get their English right when telling us about their restaurant and patiently tended beautifully displayed fruits an ...
Perseverance and a Swear Word
A few years ago, I trained for and ran a half-marathon. Now I know, that for a lot of people, a race consisting of 13.1 miles is small beans. But for me, this was a HUGE deal. HUGE, I tell you. I remember that on race day, I was really enjoying myself, right up until about the 10th mile. As I rounded the corner at the 10-mile marke ...
Joy {Favorites: Part 3 of 4}
I was deeply moved by the people of Ethiopia. They were humble,gracious,genuine,and so, so kind.I wish I had a photograph or a story to express to you just how kind they were. It was just unlike anything I had ever experienced before. At the risk of sounding cliche, I have to say that I was truly blessed by nearly every encounter. ...
Color {Favorites: Part 2 of 4}
When I think of Ethiopia, I think of color - and lots of it! While I would probably complain loudly if my neighbor decided to paint his house teal or purple or pink, I found the color choices in Ethiopia to be just beautiful!
Top 5 Hot Spots {Favorites: Part 1 of 4}
There were three things I didn't like about our trip to Ethiopia. 1) Using the internet was a patience-building activity2) I had to take 75% of my photos from the inside of a moving vehicle3) It was impossible to order a cocktailOther than these very minor inconveniences, I loved, loved, loved every minute of our trip. Last March, ...
Things went just fine at court yesterday. Mark and I and three other Gladney families entered the judge's office together. The judge checked our passports and then she asked us a series of simple questions.Have you learned about Ethiopian culture? YesHave you met other families who have adopted from Ethiopia? YesHave you met the ch ...
Court Day
Sometime while you are sawing logs tonight, we'll be going to court. We will stand in front of the judge and promise to take good care of our boy for the rest of his life. So, as you drift off to sleep tonight, know that good things will be happening in Ethiopia while you snooze. And say a little prayer for that letter if you think ...
I’m in love with a short, chubby guy with curly black hair
When we walked into the baby room, I was afraid I wouldn't recognize him.I shouldn't have worried.I saw him the second I rounded the corner - peeking up over the top of his crib fussing. I bee-lined for him, stepping over two little butterballs playing on the floor.I immediately swooped up my boy and I think I shocked the pants off ...
While you are sleeping
Tonight, while you are sleeping, we will be meeting our boyand kissing his cheeks, and counting his toes, and measuring his eyelashes, because I swear they are six inches long. If all goes as planned, he should be in our arms at about midnight Colorado time. So, all you mamas who are up in the middle of the night "playing" with you ...

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