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We landed at 8:00am and hit the ground running.I love it here.I feel very safeand welcomeand happyand we might never come home.I'm kidding.Maybe.
A little funny for you
All of the travel planning and packing and dreaming about my boy has been a little distracting. In fact, I may or may not have unloaded an entire dishwasher of dirty dishes into my cupboard on Wednesday. And the other day, I definitely stepped into the shower with my underwear on. I can't wait to have my brain back.
So, wait, you mean you’re not bringing the baby home?!?
Tomorrow - yes TOMORROW - we are boarding a jet plane bound for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. *Side note; we're taking the "red-eye" out of Denver. Saying that makes me feel like such an important jet setter. "Yeah, I'm so busy and in demand that I have to do my traveling in the middle of the night. It's no big deal. Psshh." After being i ...
How You can Pray while we’re away
If you think of it and are willing and able, we would so appreciate your prayers over the next two weeks. And if it's not too much to ask, I have one very specific request. Would you please pray for a letter of approval from MOWA? I won't bore you with the details, but basically, this letter will be the last item needed to ...
I’ve got diapers comin’ out my ears
Thanks to some careful planning by my lovely shower hostesses and the overwhelming generosity of many, many people, we will be traveling with 1,200 diapers. 1,200 diapers to donate to the care center that has been loving our boy for the past 8.5 months. And lets not forget about the 4 cans of formula, 8 bottles of hand sanitizer, 4 ...
I've had two baby showers this month and I am still overwhelmed by the love that was POURED out on us and our boy. I am blessed to have amazing friends (and a super-amazing sister-in-law) who thoughtfully and carefully planned each detail. From over-the-top cupcakes, to Ethiopia-related food and games, to a diaper a ...
focus. focus. foc…….
I feel like there is a giant neon sign on the inside of my brain flashing *BABY* *BABY* *BABY*Or sometimes it's flashing *WHATINTHEEVERLOVINWORLDAMIDOING*Either way, it's limiting my ability to think clearly. I forgot my wallet this week, twice, in the same day. So if I've responded to you lately with a blank stare. I apologize. It ...
Honoring the Sorrow
The first time I heard someone use the phrase "The rightness and wrongness of adoption," I didn't get it. I thought I did - I thought I understood the depth and meaning of that phrase - but looking back now, I know that I didn't fully understand.I thought that right and wrong were opposites, that they were separate from one another ...
Be still my heart
For 19.5 months we been riding the adoption roller coaster. We get high, high, high, and then plummet to the depths with our hearts in our throats. The whole ride is thrilling and terrifying and we can't wait to get off. It seems like each day, we hear the dreadful clink-clink-clink of the old rusty chain pulling us toward the nex ...
The truth is…
...that international adoption is difficult and patience-testingand unpredictable. Can I get an Amen?

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