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Asking a Favor
Tomorrow is the big race. Please, please, if you have a minute, head over and leave Stephanie and Daniel a word of encouragement. You'll be "high-fiving" them on our behalf, and on behalf of a precious little boy in Ethiopia. It would me oh-so-much to all of us.
Race for the Kid
I'd like to reintroduce you to someone. Do you remember the bag-giveaway we did in February? And do you remember our big winner, Stephanie? That's right, the Stephanie who was so excited to learn that she had won that she shouted in the library. Yep. I'm talking about that very same girl. Well, you see, Stephanie is doing something ...
So, what now?
Many have asked us what the next steps are from here. Well, the counting continues as we are now waiting for a court date. Our best guess is that it will be 3-5 months from now. We will travel to Ethiopia for that court date, appear before the judge, and officially adopt this little guy. At that point, we will come back home (witho ...
Shocked and Awed
At 10:30 on Monday morning, I received a casual email from our caseworker at our adoption agency. "We have some medical records we would like you to take a look at - we have a child that we think might be a good match for you and Mark." Ummm. What's that? Did you send this email to the wrong person? My heart started racing. This di ...
Pack n’ Plays and Sugar Shoes
Volleyball season officially ended on Saturday. I'm pretty sad about this. Very sad actually. We finished up with a Saturday tournament - a tournament that resulted in a third place trophy. Any tournament that ends with a trophy is a good tournament and the girls could not have been more thrilled. That afternoon, we celebrated with ...
The Happiest Place on Earth
After Tim's wedding, we extended our stay in California for two days to have a little, tiny vacation. Oh, it was so wonderful and much needed. We spent one of those days at Disneyland. Upon witnessing several tantrums and meltdowns within our first hour inside of the Magic Kingdom, I decided that Disneyland was, in fact, not built ...
Need Photos?
Seniors? Families? Couples? Children? Do you have a special event coming up that you would like to have photographed? I think I can help! You see, adoption is expensive. That's a problem. But I have a camera, and a bit of knowledge of how to use it. So we're going to make it a solution. For the next 18-24 months, I'll take your pic ...

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