Colorado Springs family photos
November 15, 2017

Colorado Springs Family Photographer || The Cucco Family


This is the second year I’ve had the honor of photographing the Cucco Family in Colorado Springs. And after two sessions with this family, I can say with confidence that their kids are the best leaf collectors and nature explorers in all the land! When we were done with this session, there were piles and piles of leaves everywhere we had been. And I loved it, because it meant these kiddos were having a great time!

I love it when families schedule morning sessions – but as it gets later in the year, I begin to get nervous about wether or not it will be too cold for the kids. Although we had a bit of wind to deal with on this morning, these five didn’t seem to mind one bit. We had beautiful light and enthusiastic littles – and it all came together to make for some beautiful photos. Colorado Springs lifestyle photographer Colorado Springs family Colorado Springs family photographer Colorado Springs family photographer Colorado Springs family photos colorado lifestyle photographer colorado family photographer Colorado Springs family photographer Colorado Springs family photographer colorado family photographer Colorado Springs family photos Colorado Springs family photos Colorado Springs family photographer


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