colorado springs family photos
September 2, 2016

Colorado Springs Family Photos || The Purvis Family


For their Colorado Springs family photos, the Purvis family wanted COLOR – and lots of it! From their outfits, to their location choices, to their fun personalities, I loved everything about this session.

When we began our session it was a cloudy – but warm – day. However, about 15 minutes after we began shooting, the sky let loose with a giant downpour. Knowing that we were going to have to reschedule to complete the rest of the session, I asked if they would mind playing in the rain for just a bit. What resulted was pure magic. In fact, I just might start praying for rain to interrupt every single one of my sessions!

We did meet up again, at a different Colorado Springs location, a week later to finish the rest of the session. I suppose the drier weather is nice too. I loved spending two afternoons with the Purvis family!
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