family at garden of the gods
September 12, 2016

Colorado Springs Family Photos || The Tharp Family


Last month, the Tharp family said good-bye to Colorado Springs and moved across the country to a new adventure. But, before they did, they wanted to do a set of classic Colorado Springs family photos one last time.

Because of it’s scenery and proximity to some of our city’s most beautiful features, we thought that the entrance to Garden of the Gods would be the best backdrop for them. However, smoke from a forest fire filled the sky on the day of their shoot and the mountains were nowhere to be seen. We went ahead with the shoot and I’m so glad we did. We had some AMAZING light to work with and I loved the results.

Doug and Nicole did agree to meet up with me a couple of weeks later for another brief session to capture the scenery they were looking for. Sometimes you’ve got to just be flexible and keep trying until you capture it all!

Doug and Nicole, thank you for allowing me to capture a piece of this life transition for you. May you be blessed in your new city and home!
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