family of four in colorado springs
April 1, 2017

Colorado Springs Family Photos || Harling Family


I knew JJ in what feels like another lifetime. Before he was married – WAY before either of us had kids – when he and my then-new husband used to play in a band together. You guys, those were good times. Such good times.

So when JJ told me he was going to be in Colorado Springs for Christmas and asked me if I’d take his family photos, I was thrilled. Man, was it ever good to see him and meet his beautiful family.

The thing that stood out to me the most about these four was their joy.  JJ and Shaina are happy, calm, and madly in love, and these two little boys reflect their joy. It was indeed a little bit cold, but you’d never know it. I heard not one complaint out of these two littles. They listened and smiled and giggled and snuggled like it was the middle of spring.

What a gift it was to capture these four!
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