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September 20, 2016

Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Session || The Osburn Family

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It is truly amazing to be given the honor of capturing a family as they grow and change. This year, I got to capture the Osburn family while they anticipated their little one’s arrival, as they welcomed Evangeline into the world, and then finally during a lifestyle newborn session when sweet Evan was just three weeks old.

There’s nothing like a household that has just welcomed a new baby. The changing and feeding and crying is all a part of the day-to-day – and so is the snuggling and kissing and shushing. Add in two very excited older siblings and, well, there’s just a lot of energy in the house.

That sweet newborn phase – it’s hard and overwhelming and wonderful all at once. And it’s so, so brief. Thank you, John and Emily, for allowing me into your home to capture just a little bit of this precious and fleeting time in the story of your family. I love you all!
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