Five minute project
February 26, 2016

Five Minute Project || A Little Camera Practice


When I started doing the Five Minute Project a couple of years ago, I thought I’d probably play along for a few months and then move on. But here I am, two years later, still really enjoying the practice of it.

Last week, on a phenomenally gorgeous day, Briggs said to me, “Hey Mama! Let’s play with our cameras!” Oh sweet boy, you don’t have to ask me twice! He photographed his favorite subject and I photographed him.

I hesitated to share these photos on the blog-o-sphere. On one hand, my mama heart LOVES them and sees them as beautiful. When I look at them, I see my little boy growing creatively and I see just how much he adores his sister.  These photos remind me that my kids love to be outside and that sleds are good toys no matter how much snow is around. In these five minutes, I get a tiny glimpse of what our life is like right here and right now and I want to share them with the world.

However, when I look at these photos as a “professional photographer,” I feel like they aren’t worth sharing. Compared to all of the beauty that is flooding the internet, they really just aren’t that great. The grass is dead and the lighting is harsh and the kids are very wiggly.

Don’t we all struggle with this as photographers from day to day? Sometimes I think we’re all throwing digital elbows – trying to make a space for ourselves on the World Wide Web. Each trying to make our own businesses shine in this highly competitive field. And on an Internet that is saturated with perfectly beautiful photos, we’re afraid to show anything that is less than perfect because perhaps that might cause us to be skipped right over or be seen as sub-par.

Maybe it’s just me.

Either way, I’m going to share these less-than-perfect photos with you. Let them photos stand here as proof that I practice this art. I practice it all.the.time. I don’t always nail it and often the elements and the subjects work against me. But perhaps that’s the best kind of practice – to work at telling the story that is in front of me, not just the one that is perfectly set up, beautifully lit, and carefully prepared for.
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