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July 21, 2016

Five Minute Project || Waking the Baby One Year Later

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The other morning – at 6:45am – my littles were being especially sweet and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sneak in and complete a little 5 minute project photo session with them. These photos were taken almost exactly one year after the photos from this post – and I really can’t believe the difference that one year makes.

These two little ones have certainly changed in that short year, but I can honestly say that they still adore each other as much as they did one year ago. Briggs still loves to sneak in a greet his sister as soon as he hears her stirring and he often insists that he must be the one to give her her first kiss of the day. As time keeps marching on, and these babies grow and grow, I hope that their love for one another is one thing that never changes.
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