April 7, 2011

Joy {Favorites: Part 3 of 4}

I was deeply moved by the people of Ethiopia.
They were humble,
and so, so kind.
I wish I had a photograph or a story to express to you just how kind they were. It was just unlike anything I had ever experienced before. At the risk of sounding cliche, I have to say that I was truly blessed by nearly every encounter. It was as if kindness just radiated from them.
What I was able to capture was their joy.
I found many people – particularly women – who were especially joyful.

They were quick to flash a beaming, genuine smile,

and quick to burst into laughter – deep, loud, belly-laughter.

Even though I could not understand 99% of what was being said, I often found myself feeling as if I was in the presence of friends – friends that I CANNOT WAIT to go back and visit.


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