October 18, 2016

My girl || 21 Months


Hey mama. I’m 21 months old now.

Did you know that?

Thank you for bringing me to this field with beautiful scenery and beautiful light.

I see that you brought your camera.

But I’m not gonna look at you, if that’s okay. And I’m not gonna stand in the pretty light.

Do you know what I will do? I’ll explore this whole place. The.Whole.Thing. And I’ll run farther away than you are comfortable with. And I’ll touch everything.

You know what else I want to do? I want to look at the water in the ditch. Yeah, that ugly ditch.

I want to watch the water move and sparkle and wrinkle. And I want to throw leaves in that ditch and watch them float away.

And at the end of this adventure – the one you brought me on so that you could take photos of me – you’re going to end up with one, and only one, photo of me looking at the camera.

But I promise to bring you two handfuls of treasures and I’ll want you to line them upon the curb and get a good photo of them. Okay?

And mama, I’m really sorry that I don’t want to look at you’re camera. But besides those two handfuls of treasures, do you know what else you’ll have at the end of this adventure?

You’re gonna have a whole lot of photos of me being me.


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