August 1, 2017

Summer Bucket List || Colorado Springs Drive-In

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I have a tendency to be self-absorbed.

To wake up in the morning and think, “What do I want to do today? What needs to be cleaned? What work needs to be done?”

(Can anyone relate?)

I get to the end of the day and realize that I’ve left little room for the good stuff. Ya know, the “having fun with my son” stuff.

So I decided that I needed to write the fun stuff down. And I needed to hang it up where I could see it and plan for it and look forward to it. Enter the “summer bucket list.” A little list that has made all the difference.

Our Summer Bucket Lists help me enter into my kids’ childhood by setting aside one day each week to play.

We’ve been making them for a while, and these days Briggs contributes to the list too! I love hearing his ideas for summer fun and I love to be able to say, “yes! I think we can make that happen!”

Some things are simple – like “watch a movie together.” Some things are a bit more complicated and might involve a whole day. But either way, on our “bucket list days” I always end the day knowing that we did something together that we all enjoyed.

With our city’s best drive-in just a mile from our house, “walk to get ice-cream” makes the list every year. (And sometimes, we accomplish this item several times!) On this particular day, we grabbed our favorite neighbor-friend and our best sets of wheels and made a morning of the getting there and the getting back. And in-between, we fit in some messy, melting ice-cream.


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