December 30, 2014

The Carew Family

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It just seems so fitting to be closing out 2014 with the Carew family. Why? Well, because you, dear Good Photo client, were a part of bringing this family together.

Really? Yes. Really.

Let me explain – the Carews have been faithfully praying for and pursing and working towards adopting a child for the past three years. And finally – FINALLY- their precious little boy came home from Ethiopia the day before Thanksgiving. (Check out his homecoming here)

That was such a wonderful day! But, here’s the thing about adoption, it’s really hard.

Adopting a child takes a lot of patience and faith and, well, finances. When the Carews committed to adding a child to their family, Good Photo committed to supporting them financially. And that’s where all of YOU came in. Every time you’ve given me the huge privilege of capturing your families, kiddos, engagements, weddings, and events, a portion of the profits went to supporting the Carews. And weather you did it on purpose or not, I’m just so thankful that we all could be a part of THIS. Here’s to a blessed 2015 – I pray it will be a year of growth, blessings, and maybe a few surprises for you and yours. Happy New Year!


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