July 25, 2011

This IS an Update


We got news on Friday morning that our file was indeed submitted to the US Embassy last Thursday.

Glory Hallelujah, we moved forward another step. It’s just a small step, but we’ll take it.
We now wait for the Embassy officials to review our file which will produce one of two results.
Either they will clear us to travel after one review
they will request additional information,
which will, of course, require quite a bit more waiting.
We honestly have no idea how long this will take. And, well, at this point, I’m a little shy about making predictions regarding timing.
So for now, please pray that the embassy officials will have wisdom and clarity of mind while reading our case – and that they will request only the additional information that is absolutely necessary for keeping things on the up-and-up.
It would be nice to keep the hoops and red tape to a minimum, don’t you think?

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