June 30, 2015

This Niece of Mine


A couple of weeks ago, my niece decided to come along with me for a family photo shoot. We arrived early and I asked her to walk around with me to test the light before my clients arrived. She happily agree and my “light check” turned into a little mini photoshoot.

There is a special joy for me that comes with photographing people that I know and love and care deeply about. It’s why you see so many photos of my own kids around here. This niece of mine, she is another one of those precious people. She was in my wedding – in her mama’s belly – all those years ago and I can hardly believe that she will be 12 this summer. This chick is so.much.fun to be with and I continually find myself in awe of the tender heart and wise spirit that God is creating in her.

Thanks, Miss Arlee, for playing along. You make a lovely model and a wonderful photography assistant.


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