September 30, 2017

This Old Truck

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Earlier this year, Mark’s beloved truck bit the dust. Not worth the cost of the repairs, it went off to a new owner via craigslist, and we began searching for our next vehicle.

We’re not a family that takes on car payments, so we bought what we could afford with cash. And what we could afford was a very old, slightly damaged, manual transmission Ford. Mark and I, honestly, kind of think it’s the worst.

Three seats (not even enough for all of us). A tape deck. No cupholders (Imagine!). No automatic anything.

But our kids. Well, they think it’s absolutely the most amazing vehicle they’ve ever, ever laid eyes on!

One bench seat means riding next to Daddy and those glorious front seat views. They can actually reach that darn tape deck and the power to insert and eject the musical selections at will is a grand novelty.

And it has a great, big bed that is perfect for playing in on warm evenings.

I have to say, I kind of appreciate their perspective on this old truck and it’s place in our family right now. It’s a silly thing that makes them so happy. And when they’re so happy, it makes it easier for Mark and I to see that is truck might not actually be so bad.
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