November 14, 2016

Winter Family Photos || The Lessard Family


One thing I love about living in Colorado is that we experience four distinct seasons here. When it’s summer, you know it. And when it’s winter, there’s plenty of cold and snow to remind you of that too.

And with the changing weather comes a constantly changing landscape. As a photographer, this can be wonderfully exciting. For example, I can use the same location several times a year and get completely different results each time. But these four seasons can also be a bit tricky too – a location that was beautiful and blossoming two weeks ago, might be dead and bare today.

Last year with the Lessard family, I discovered that this little field in Monument Valley Park is the perfect spot for winter family photos. The curvy branches and grass covered ground provided lovely surroundings during a time when much of Colorado Springs’ scenery seemed a bit dreary and desolate.

We met up early to take advantage of the great cloud cover. And, as you’ll see, the chilly temperatures made for great family hugs and cuddles! What more could I ask for?
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