The Powell Family

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Fall is almost here. Can you feel it? It won’t be long until the leaves all change and create that beautiful scenery that the great state of Colorado is known for.

This sweet family of three made sure to take advantage of the Colorado colors on a sunny evening for their family photos last year. I’m not sure why it took my so long to share these, but I thought you might enjoy a little taste today of what the coming season surely holds.

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Zac – Senior Class of 2015

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Zac lives in Pennsylvania, but when his family visited Colorado Springs this summer, he decided to have his senior photos taken! Fittingly, he choose to do them at Red Rock Canyon – for a very “Colorado” look! And since the whole family was together enjoying their vacation, we snuck in a few family shots too.

Best of luck on your senior year, Zac! Thank you for trusting me to capture this important time in your life! 

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The McKean Family

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Here in Colorado, water is not too easy to come by. But, Melanie wanted a water location for her family photos and introduced me to Monument Lake. It turned out to be a wonderful backdrop for this family of four.

I sure do have a soft spot for little boys and these two just might be the sweetest that ever lived. I’m sure it happens, but they were just so kind to one another that I can’t imagine that these brothers get into many fights.

Thank you, McKean family, for letting me capture you and for showing me a new little location right here in my own city! 

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Spc Cross’s Fort Carson Homecoming

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I cannot tell you what an honor it was to attend the homecoming of Spc Cross. He returned to Fort Carson after serving in Qatar for 8 months. During that time his family grew by one! Spc Cross was very joyfully greeted by his wife, 5-year-old son, and brand new baby. I’m always very thankful for the ways in which my job allows me to experience things that I would not otherwise experience. Watching Mikhael jump into his daddy’s arms was one of those moments. Thank you Joanna for letting me share this very special morning with your family.

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Bri & Joel [A Shupe Homestead Wedding]

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It was such an honor to be invited to artist my talented friend, Melissa, with Bri & Joel’s wedding day. They were married at the beautiful and unique Shupe Homestead and the simplicity and relaxed atmosphere of the day made for a gorgeous and joyful event. Never before have I seen a bride and groom provide their own entertainment at the reception – and I don’t believe I’ll ever see it again, especially not with a saxophone duet. Let me tell you, these two really brought the house down!

Thank you so much, Melissa, for having me and Bri & Joel for allowing me to share in your big day!

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The Hartig Family [with SEVEN grandSONS]

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Some sessions are more high energy than others. This session definitely qualified as high energy! The Hartigs raised three kids together and those three kids have blessed them with SEVEN grandsons. What fun to get them all together and what a joy to get to capture them all!

My favorite part of this session was that the boys kept bringing me different treasures to be photographed – cars, rocks, squirt guns, a blanket. They were all so sweet and well-behaved. I’m sure these grandparents are having the time of their lives!

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