The Dickerson Family’s Very Colorado Photoshoot

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These sweet Georgia natives wanted to capture some classic Colorado Springs beauty for their family photos this year. With fall fading, we headed for Garden of the Gods where the Colorado beauty truly never fades. It was fun to view the mountains and scenery through their eyes. It was a good reminder of just how breathtaking our city is! Misty even introduced me to a couple new spots in the Garden that I’ve never visited before, and the short hike gave us a chance to chat a little bit, too! 

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The Masuen Family [with a good book]

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Just after moving into their new home, the Masuen Family decided on an at-home photo shoot to celebrate this fun milestone in their lives. I loved catching just a glimpse of their day-to-day routine and just watching them be a family! Mr. Myles is fully two and certainly practiced his independence. We even took a little walk down the sidewalk together during which he showed me lots of personality. And those curls. Just amazing!

Thank you, Masuen family, for letting me into your home and your lives. You are a beautiful family! 

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The Purvis Family [A very Fall Photoshoot]

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If you’ve ever wondered why so many photographers talk about how much they “JUST LOVE FALL”, it’s because of sessions like this one. The colors are brighter, the light is softer, nobody is burnin’ up or freezing cold, and the kids have leaves to play with. I met up with the Purvis family on a quintessential Colorado Fall evening. And, well, it just does not get any better than this for a family photographer. These sisters were full of giggles and I don’t believe they are ever anything other than the best of friends.

Happy fall, everyone. I hope you are out there enjoying what’s left of it! 

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The Vollaire Family

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Photographing the Vollaire Family is always a delight – and I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so since they added sweet little Mesalynn to their family. These friends of mine make a great family of four and I think their playful spirits are really reflected in the happy faces of their kiddos. Kari is also a photographer and she introduced me to a great new location in Colorado Springs for this shoot. It’s always fun to trade tips and ideas with other creative minds! Hope you enjoy this happy little family on this Monday morning! 

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The Day Family [Colorado Springs Mini Session]

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I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with the Day family for photos during my Good Photo mini sessions this year. Not only is this family just beautiful, I was floored by how sweet and kind Jack & Nora were to each other. I asked Jon & Becca for some advice on how to raise siblings that love each other, and I’m sad to report that they gave me nothing. They said it just happened that way. I kind of find that hard to believe, but I guess I’ll have to accept that as my answer for now.

If anyone else out there has tips for making my children as sweet to one another as these two were, go ahead and pass it along! 

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Ben – Senior Class of 2015

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A few years ago, I had the privilege of coaching Ben’s older sister on a club volleyball team. In those days, Ben was “just” Maddi’s little brother. I tell you what, I SO enjoyed getting to shoot Ben’s senior photos and actually get to know him a little bit! Ben will graduate from Fountain Fort Carson High School this spring and – while I told him that I think he has a future in modeling – he said he wants to pursue a career in the medical field. I guess that’s fine too.

Have a great senior year, Ben! Make the most of it!

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