Geneva Joy [Just Brand New]

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New babies are like campfires – you can watch them for hours and all at once nothing changes and everything changes.

Froggy legs

Wrinkled knees

Hands that won’t stay out of her mouth

Flexed toes

Tight, tiny, mad fists

A tongue that sticks out when she cries

And a big brother who climbs into the middle of all things baby and loves and loves and loves.

Meet my new little lady.

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Chris & Stephanie [An Evergreen Lake House Wedding]

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Last summer, I kicked off wedding season by assisting the lovely Caroline Ro with Chris & Stephanie’s Evergreen Lake House wedding. Even though we’re smack-dab in the middle of winter, I thought today was an appropriate time to reminisce a little bit about a wedding with warm, summery scenery!

Chris & Stephanie traveled all the way from Charleston to have their wedding among the mountains of beautiful Colorado and they could not have picked a more perfect spot than Evergreen. This venue, you guys. Oh my word! It was gorgeous. Add in the joyful groom and the glowing bride, top it off with the most perfect weather, and you have a wedding that was an absolute dream to photograph!

Thank you, Caroline, for trusting me to be your right-hand lady for the night and thank YOU, Stephanie & Chris, for allowing me to witness your life-changing day! It was truly an honor. 

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The Carew Family

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It just seems so fitting to be closing out 2014 with the Carew family. Why? Well, because you, dear Good Photo client, were a part of bringing this family together.

Really? Yes. Really.

Let me explain – the Carews have been faithfully praying for and pursing and working towards adopting a child for the past three years. And finally – FINALLY- their precious little boy came home from Ethiopia the day before Thanksgiving. (Check out his homecoming here)

That was such a wonderful day! But, here’s the thing about adoption, it’s really hard.

Adopting a child takes a lot of patience and faith and, well, finances. When the Carews committed to adding a child to their family, Good Photo committed to supporting them financially. And that’s where all of YOU came in. Every time you’ve given me the huge privilege of capturing your families, kiddos, engagements, weddings, and events, a portion of the profits went to supporting the Carews. And weather you did it on purpose or not, I’m just so thankful that we all could be a part of THIS. Here’s to a blessed 2015 – I pray it will be a year of growth, blessings, and maybe a few surprises for you and yours. Happy New Year!

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My [own] Little Family

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I love, love, love using this space to show off all of the gorgeous and unique families and happenings that I am blessed to photograph. But today I thought, hey, it’s Christmas Eve. Why not show off my own little family this time?

Since Briggs was 15 months old when we brought him home, he had his first official portraits (done by mommy, of course) at 18 months. Ever since, it’s been my tradition to take his photos around his 1/2 birthday each year. So far, he actually has fun doing this. That’s going to last until he’s 18-and-a-half, right?

Can I just tell you how much I ADORE having a four-year-old. This is hands-down my favorite age so far. Briggs has big thoughts and big questions. He has an amazing sense of humor and most days I feel like I’m just hanging out with him rather than caring for his every need. That’s a big difference, y’all. But as much as he is a real kid now, he also still has just a little bit of baby in him that just melts my heart. He still loves his footie jammies and still says hamburger wrong. He still likes to snuggle and be read to and he always, always holds my hand. I’ve asked him to remain a four-year-old forever, but he’s not making any promises. And speaking of growing up, Briggs is going to be a big brother sometime next month. As much as I am looking forward to having a teeny tiny baby around, I’m so excited to see Briggs grown into his role as a big brother. He is beyond himself with excitement and talks daily about all the things he will teach and do for the baby. I’m eager to see how that all plays out!

On that note, things will probably be pretty quiet around here after the first of the year as I take some time off to care for our new little girl. I’ll still be taking inquiries for family sessions and doing consultations for weddings, but I won’t be doing any shooting again until April. Well, unless you count the thousands of photos I’m sure to be taking of the new babe. I’ll be back to share those, I promise!

Photo Credit: Jen Lints Photography

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful celebrations today and tomorrow. We certainly all have much to celebrate!

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The Tate Family [at home in the forest]

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When an inquiry from a new client starts with “you can come to our property” and ends with “can we include our horses?” – you know it’s going to be a fun shoot! Because of the freezing temps and high winds that November brought us, I had to reschedule with the Tate family three times, but boy am I glad that we persevered and am so thankful for the beautiful December evening that we had for these photos.

The Tate kiddos were wonderful hosts and I loved capturing them where they live and play! Enjoy these bright wintery smiles! 

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Jason & Kathleen [A Fall Engagement]

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I just love it when my clients choose locations that mean something to them as the location of their photos. Jason & Kathleen got engaged this summer at the fountain at Wolf Creek Ranch during one of the concert events that Kathleen organized there. These two love fall, so they waited until leaves changed to take me back to the fountain for their engagement photos. And, to top it all off, they’ve invited me to photograph the colorful, fall wedding they are planning for next year. I consider myself one luck lady and cannot wait for that September event! 

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The Cutter Family

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You might remember the Cutter Family from this anniversary shoot – but this time I was thrilled to have these five all to myself! I’ve known Magen since we were thirteen years old and I cannot tell you how fun it has been to watch her family grow and grow up over the last few years. Magen & Joel’s kids are truly beautiful, each one with a very unique personality. Everytime I’ve been honored to photograph them, the littlest, Alex, has absolutely stolen my heart! Thank you, once again, Magen and Joel for giving me this opportunity. I love the Cutters!!

[I'd also like to thank Hillside Gardens for letting us use their fun grounds for our backdrop on this one!]

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