Hannah [The Classical Academy] Class of 2016

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From the very first email I received from Hannah, I could tell that she had a vision for her senior photos. I loved working with her to come up with a plan and we had a blast on the day of her shoot. I honestly don’t think that this beauty could take a bad photo!

My favorite part was that she brought her big sister along for a few photos. I love it when my seniors want to get their family members involved in their shoots – and am especially fond of sisters. My own little sister is one of my most precious people, and I loved seeing these two sisters also sharing a special friendship.

Hannah, I hope that this year is wonderful as you finish up high school. I know that there are exciting things in store for your future!

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Ryland is One [A Family Cake Smash Session]

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I was so excited when Amy contacted me last month to say that her little guy was turning one and ask if I would be interested in photographing a cake smash session for him. We decided to incorporate a little family photoshoot first and then it was cake time. Little Ryland wasn’t too shy and sure did enjoy his first taste of sugar.

I was extra impressed with big brother Connor who waited very patiently to be told that he could join in on the cake eating – and then it became a whole family affair. Ryland did not mind sharing his cake one bit and was really just the happiest camper for the whole session.

Happy birthday, Ryland! I hope you had a great day! 

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This Niece of Mine

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A couple of weeks ago, my niece decided to come along with me for a family photo shoot. We arrived early and I asked her to walk around with me to test the light before my clients arrived. She happily agree and my “light check” turned into a little mini photoshoot.

There is a special joy for me that comes with photographing people that I know and love and care deeply about. It’s why you see so many photos of my own kids around here. This niece of mine, she is another one of those precious people. She was in my wedding – in her mama’s belly – all those years ago and I can hardly believe that she will be 12 this summer. This chick is so.much.fun to be with and I continually find myself in awe of the tender heart and wise spirit that God is creating in her.

Thanks, Miss Arlee, for playing along. You make a lovely model and a wonderful photography assistant.

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Celebrating 30 Years [a sibling anniversary surprise]

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I love it when people give photos as gifts and I especially love it when I get to work with my clients to carry out a surprise. Vienna got in touch with me in March because she and her brother, Philip, wanted to do a photo session to surprise their parents for their 30th wedding anniversary. We had so much fun! It makes me so happy to see siblings who are still close friends even as adults. Vienna and Philip have the kid of relationship that I pray my kids will share when they are older!

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing these photos with you, but I had to wait until the cat was out of the bag first! The big anniversary was celebrated a couple of weeks ago, and from what I hear, the gift was a hit!

Thank you, Vienna, for allowing me to be a part of such a special gift. And congratulations to your parents – here’s to 30 more years! 

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5 Minutes of Waking Up the Baby

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It’s been a while since I completed a 5 minute project, but this sweet interaction between my two babies yesterday morning presented the perfect opportunity.

These two. They adore each other. Briggs tells me that Geneva is his best friend, and most of the time, the first words out of his mouth in the morning are, “I love you Geneva.”

He loves to sneak into her room as soon as he hears her waking up and he often gets to her before I do. And she gives him all the smiles, giggles, and coos that she’s been storing up all night. It’s just sweet, sweet, sweet for this mama to witness – and I captured just five minutes of it to share with you.

In other news, my girl went on a clothing strike as soon as the temps got above 75 degrees around here. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, naked summer.

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Kyle [Evangelical Christian Academy] Class of 2015

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Kyle is another 2015 senior that I had the privilege of capturing last fall! Kyle will graduate from Evangelical Christian Academy in just a couple of weeks. He also played football for St. Mary’s High School and it was so much fun to photograph him on the field where he spent so many hours for practices and games. I know that he will be missed on that team! And I tell you what, there is not a more picturesque sports field in all of Colorado Springs!

Kyle’s sister Kayla also came along for the shoot and we made sure to include her in a few photos. These two have such a great relationship – when I see them together, I pray that my two kids will be blessed with this kind of friendship as they grow up!

Congratulations, Kyle! I’m eager to see what the Lord has planned for you over the next few years!

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The Patrick Family

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I simply cannot believe that my little girl is 3 months old already and that I am back to work. Oh how I have missed shooting – but I do not regret one minute of the time that I took off to make this transition to a family of 4.

I was so excited that this lovely family (and dear friends of mine) ushered me back into photography in early April. I’ve watched this family grow from just the two of them into a family of 5 – and it seems like it happened in the blink of an eye! Such an honor to capture them this year and what a beautiful Colorado evening we had. If you told me that there is a city more beautiful than Colorado Springs, I would find that very hard to believe.

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