Megan & Dan [A Pinery at the Hill Wedding]

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Today I’m throwin’ it all the way back to summer and the beautiful June day that I was fortunate enough to assist the lovely Alison Easterling in photographing this gorgeous wedding. The Pinery at the Hill is a dream venue and Megan and Dan were truly lovely to work with – I’m so thankful to Alison for giving me the opportunity to participate in this amazing day! Enjoy a little peek into this fabulous wedding – complete with an adorable flower girl and a kickin’ party! 

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The Bruce Family [All Together for Christmas]

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Oh how I love photographing the Bruce Family! We did this session last year, just two weeks before my baby girl was born – and that same baby girl is totally the reason why these photos never got shared. (How long is it acceptable to use “I have a new baby” as an excuse?) But I just loved this session so much, that I thought, what the heck. Better late than never!

I’ve known the “two Bruce boys” – Erik & Stephen- since I was in elementary school. It has been such an honor to photograph this family each year when they gather together in Colorado Springs for the holidays. How fun to watch their families grow! They’ve even added one more baby girl to their number since we took these photos. Little Peter is quite out numbered!

Even though photographing large families can be a little bit intimidating at times, I sure have come to love it! I love seeing adult siblings that still have great relationships and grandparents loving on their grandchildren and there is nothing like a group of small cousins all playing together!

Thank you so much Bruce family for giving me this honor year after year! 

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Ethan & Kate [Married at First Presbyterian Church]

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Oh how I love assisting my talented friends with weddings. Not only do I get to witness and capture beautiful moments, but I get to spend all day laughing and working alongside a friend. This day with Jen was no exception and I’m honored that she chose me to capture this day with her.

Ethan & Kate’s wedding reminded me SO MUCH of my own wedding that happened so many (12!) years ago. Young love. Big, beautiful church. Elegant reception. Joyful wedding party. They were even married by the same pastor!

The day began at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Colorado Springs and then it was just a short walk to the reception at the lovely Mining Exchange Hotel. This day was truly a beautiful, God-honoring celebration of love and marriage. Thank you, Ethan & Kate (and Jen!) for giving me the to opportunity to be a part of your perfect day.

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5 Minutes at the Balloon Festival

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This year, we took B to the Balloon Festival for the first time. He LOVED it. My little boy smiled and danced and talked and talked and talked the whole time. Most of the time, we could hardly hear him over the whoosh, whoosh of the fires filling up the balloons. But he didn’t mind one bit. He just kept right on chatting as his little brain processed the wonder and excitement of it all.

It is a beautiful event, isn’t it. I could show you 100 photos to prove it. But in the spirit of the 5 minute project, I’ll show you just these few.

Hope you got out and and about to enjoy your labor day weekend as well! What will this weekend hold for you?

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Joel & Emily [Downtown Colorado Springs]

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When Joel & Emily visited Colorado Springs this summer, I was so fortunate to meet up with them one evening for family photos. They are well loved, and I knew they would be busy while they were here, but they made time for a quick session and even let me test out a new location on them.

Little Nora is full of curiosity and even tested out her new walking skills a bit for me. And she had just enough patience and smiles for this short shoot. What a sweet little family of three! 

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Hannah [The Classical Academy] Class of 2016

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From the very first email I received from Hannah, I could tell that she had a vision for her senior photos. I loved working with her to come up with a plan and we had a blast on the day of her shoot. I honestly don’t think that this beauty could take a bad photo!

My favorite part was that she brought her big sister along for a few photos. I love it when my seniors want to get their family members involved in their shoots – and am especially fond of sisters. My own little sister is one of my most precious people, and I loved seeing these two sisters also sharing a special friendship.

Hannah, I hope that this year is wonderful as you finish up high school. I know that there are exciting things in store for your future!

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Ryland is One [A Family Cake Smash Session]

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I was so excited when Amy contacted me last month to say that her little guy was turning one and ask if I would be interested in photographing a cake smash session for him. We decided to incorporate a little family photoshoot first and then it was cake time. Little Ryland wasn’t too shy and sure did enjoy his first taste of sugar.

I was extra impressed with big brother Connor who waited very patiently to be told that he could join in on the cake eating – and then it became a whole family affair. Ryland did not mind sharing his cake one bit and was really just the happiest camper for the whole session.

Happy birthday, Ryland! I hope you had a great day! 

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